Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos are an effective and affordable way to communication your message and increase traffic to your website.

The Wharton school of business did a study on the importance of videos in sales and marketing. They concluded that prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used and they make buying decisions faster. They also reported that 89% of consumers actually reviewed a video the same day they receive it and 94% will share it.

Consumer’s tend to view “video brochures” with a higher value than printed material and are not likely to be dumped into their deleted folder.

Video is affordable. Videos are like having your own commercial. It is no longer just for the rich.  The average business owner can afford to have a 2 minute video created with a consistent message. Videos tend to be less expensive than printed material and they will last as long as you have it on the Internet. [Read more…]

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