Ten Newsletter Strategies That Work Series Part 6 Brand Consistency

brand identity

What is a brand? Your brand is is two fold:

  1. What you stand for, who you are, what you offer.
  2. The visual aspect of you, your company, service or product.

Inconsistency in newsletter brands can make you be remembers for being a hobbyist. The look and fee of what you do, states who you are.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Changing the fonts in your newsletter
  • Having your colors be just a hue off
  • Changing your tag line

Brand consistency must haves:

  1. Website, social media, blog and newsletters should all be consistent
  2. Your messages should be consistent

Brand Consistency Tips

  • Incorporate your logos, colors, and fonts. What does your brand look like? Pull that style and format into your email newsletter so that it corresponds with your website and provides your readers with a consistent brand experience.
  • Include a head shot and signature. Invest in a professional head shot and use it in the closing of your newsletter.  Always include a personalized signature with your name, contact information and social media.
  • Copy your newsletter to create a new newsletter. Once you have your newsletter perfected with your brand, simply copy it to create your next newsletter. Change your content and you are done. This is a great short cut and will save time because you won’t have to recreate the newsletter every time you send it out.

Choose a theme within your email platform provider and stick with it. Constant Contact offers hundreds of themes and they have them categorized by industry. However, look through all of them. Remember, you can change the colors, backgrounds and images on every template to suite your own needs. Just because a template is in the association or sports does not mean it won’t be a great fit for your business.

Email Marketing helps you connect with customers. And stronger connections turn customers into fans. When you engage your fans through valuable, relevant messages, you build repeat business and referrals-boosting your bottom line.

Don’t have a long email list? No problem. Constant Contact has the tools to get people to sign up through social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Try Constant Contact yourself, FREE for 60 days. From email to social to events and deals, Constant Contact has powerful tools to help you grow your business.

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Ten Newsletter Strategies That Work Series Part 6 Brand Consistency

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