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Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos are an effective and affordable way to communication your message and increase traffic to your website.

The Wharton school of business did a study on the importance of videos in sales and marketing. They concluded that prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used and they make buying decisions faster. They also reported that 89% of consumers actually reviewed a video the same day they receive it and 94% will share it.

Consumer’s tend to view “video brochures” with a higher value than printed material and are not likely to be dumped into their deleted folder.

Video is affordable. Videos are like having your own commercial. It is no longer just for the rich.  The average business owner can afford to have a 2 minute video created with a consistent message. Videos tend to be less expensive than printed material and they will last as long as you have it on the Internet. [Read more…]

3 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Hire a Website Designer

I hear horror stories every day about people that trusted website designers only to later not be able to access their sites because the website designer went out of business.
Here are some tips to help you when you choose a website designer:

1. Be sure the domain name is in YOUR name, not THEIRS. Just sign up at GoDaddy and buy the domain name you want. Put all the contact information in YOUR name. With your phone numbers and addresses. [Read more…]

Starting Out With Email

Elite Designer WebsitesOne of the most important components of any business is using an email address that is specific to your domain name. Current and future customers expect professionalism from you and if you have a professional website and are using a Hotmail or Gmail account, you are losing an opportunity to further brand your company. Here are some great tips about email:


If you have a website created by Elite Designer Websites then we will create your emails for you. If you want to create additional emails you may ask us to do so at an additional fee or you may do it yourself.  Log into your cpanel and click on “email accounts”. Follow the prompts by adding the name of your email. Susan@YourDomain.com or Sales@YourDomain.com, add your password, and you are set. [Read more…]

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